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Pre-Bastille Sail July 12, 2022

Pre-Bastille Sail July 12, 2022

July 12, 2022

Thanks upon thanks, John –
As I dare say you’ve heard, the cruise started out under a cloud – quite literally – but turned into a thorough success and delight. At stated start time it was overcast, blustery and Accuweather was predicting rain within minutes. The Captain let no one board.
Then as the crowd agitated, it began to clear – first from the south, then from the west. The Captain allowed boarding. To universal relief the first act on board was refreshments. We waited a while longer, then set out into a brightening sky. The balance of the cruise turned out as planned – just three quarters of an hour delayed. The setting sun kissed Liberty’s torch. La Marseillaise rang out. And everyone went home pleased.
Thanks again,
Robert Morris is a member in good standing for over 40 years.

We thank members Rick Bernstein, Véronique Chabrolle, Hilary James, and Robert Morris for these wonderful photos.

Pre-Bastille Sail 2022
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