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Corporate Membership
One corporate representative plus four (4) additional members employed by the same organization
500 750
Family Membership 
Includes spouse, partner and/or children
175 300
Individual Member
One person, 35 to 65 years of age
150 200
Academic/Senior Member  
Non-for-profit organization employee, academic or senior (over 65 years of age)
100 150
Junior Member
Individual under 35 years of age
75 100
Student Member  
Enrolled in a degree program at an institution of higher learning and under 25 years of age
25 50

*Annual dues, which are non-refundable, are based on the calendar year, payable in December for the following year.

*PayPal allows you to pay via a PayPal account or by credit card. However, if you already have a PayPal account, the card associated with that account can only be processed using the PayPal account. Use another card to pay without signing in to your PalPal account. You may also pay by check.

Annual Dues Choose Level

Application for Membership

The Application for Membership will be co-signed by one member in good standing and considered by the Membership Committee. Upon preliminary approval, the applicant’s name will be submitted to the membership. If no objection is voiced within five (5) days, the applicant will be advised of his or her acceptance.

Kindly download the application, complete, scan and email to

Also, please process the one-time initiation fee at this time, which will be refunded in the event of non-acceptance.

Initiation Level

View the Junior Member Launch Video: