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Past Events 2014


January 9
Guest Speaker: Francis Dubois, “Le Panthéon de la Guerre, The World’s Largest Painting”
Venue: Opia Restaurant

February 6
Guest Speaker: Pascale Richard, “Sennelier, A History of Color”
Venue: Opia Restaurant

March 6
Guest Speaker: Noel Sloan, “Margaret Thatcher, A Study in Leadership”
Venue: The National Arts Club

April 3
Guest Speaker: Tilar Mazzeo, “The Ritz at War: Life at the Hotel Ritz during the German Occupation”
Venue: The National Arts Club

May 1
Guest Speaker: David Garrard Lowe, “The Paris of Napoleon III: Haussmann’s Grand Boulevards, Magnificent Monuments, and Extravagant Parks”
Venue: The National Arts Club

June 6
Annual Spring Gala Luncheon
Venue: Daniel

August 21
Summer Social Networking Event: co-hosted with the French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC)
Venue: Boat Basin Café

September 11
Guest Speaker: Amanda Vaill, “A Tale of Two Cities: The Paris of Gerald and Sara Murphy, and Robert Capa and Gerda Taro”
Venue: The National Arts Club

October 2
Guest Speaker: Robert Lear, “The Hermione Challenge: Rebuilding the Freedom Frigate That Brought Lafayette to America”
Venue: The National Arts Club

November 6
Annual Gala Dinner 2014
Venue: The French Consulate

December 4
Guest Speaker: Gregory Corsico, “Institut Pasteur: 125 Years of Saving and Improving Lives”
Venu: The National Arts Club