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Announcing the PAC Mentoring Program

In keeping with the Paris American Club’s mission to promote friendship between French and American citizens through social and cultural events, the club is offering a voluntary Mentoring Program for its members. Oriented towards personal, professional, and social development within a one-on-one relationship, it is an effective way to strengthen friendships and develop the best practices of French and American cultures, while at the same time, providing a unique benefit of club membership.

Mentoring Defined

  • The mentoring program provides advice, guidance, feedback, and support to assist one in personal and/or professional development through in-person meetings between a mentor and mentee over a six-month period.
  • It requires a sincere motivation for both parties to remain open-minded facing challenges, share personal thoughts, and commit themselves to the program.
  • Beyond typical work or educational mentoring, the PAC Mentoring Program includes exchanges between French and American languages and cultures in both the personal and professional realms.

Benefits of the PAC Mentoring Program

Professional Mentoring

  • Assist in résumé preparation and interviewing techniques and skills
  • Gain insights into the French (deductive) vs. American (inductive) decision making process
  • Compare management and decision making processes to gain insights into different organizational cultures
  • Question one’s career path and adapt if needed

Social & Cultural Mentoring

  • Develop best practices for introducing oneself, behaving in social settings and communicating (spoken, written and comportment) in a different culture
  • Discuss misunderstandings in different contexts
  • Benefit from a wide network of contacts

The Paris American Club’s members, who are approximately half American and half French, represent a wealth of life experiences across a broad range of industries and fields, per the chart below.


Your role as mentor: 

  • A mentor will challenge many aspects of the mentee’s life, including, but not limited to, career, relationships, goals, life plans, motivation, spirituality, and health.
  • The main objectives of the mentor are to help develop the individual’s ideas, plans, capabilities, growth potential, judgement and, ultimately, wisdom.
  • An important characteristic in a mentor is to listen and listen some more…
  • Mentors need to help mentees structure “how to solve their issues” versus providing “what the solutions may be.”
  • Mentors are expected to care about the person as a whole – not just as a member of the Paris American Club.
  • Last but not the least, you need to give it your personal commitment, energy and enthusiasm to make it work.

Your role as mentee:

  • Mentees need to feel comfortable talking about their personal issues with their mentor.
  • A mentee should do his or her best to share as many details as possible about significant challenges, thinking, plans, and struggles.
  • Mentees should be responsible for taking care of the organizational aspects of the relationship, e.g. setting up and confirming meetings, taking notes, etc.
  • The mentee must commit to act on what was agreed upon with the mentor


  1. Prospective mentee downloads application from the website, completes and returns to the mentoring committee.
  2. Mentee peruses on-line Membership Directory for possible industry related mentors and advises committee.
  3. Mentoring committee reviews application and peruses on-line Membership Directory and personal knowledge of senior members for possible match.
  4. Committee contacts potential mentor, exchanges information on the mentee and schedules first meeting.

Mentee Questionnaire:

  1. Name:
  2. How long have you been living in New York or the New York area?
  3. What is your current position and with which firm?
  4. Could you please provide your resume?
  5. Why have you thought about joining the Mentoring Program?
  6. What are your expectations from this program, what would you like to learn from a mentor?
  7. Are you willing to commit to six face-to-face meetings over a six-month period with a mentor assigned to you?
  8. Is there anything else you would like to contribute to help us determine the most suitable mentor for you?

Download the Mentee Questionnaire here.

Mentoring Program Agreement

We ask our mentors and mentees to sign an agreement to respect the program’s guidelines before entering the program, and in particular, to maintain the confidentiality of personal exchanges.

Download the Mentoring Program Agreement here.

Follow-up and Evaluation

  • At three-month point, mentor and mentee complete preliminary evaluation with suggestions for moving forward.
  • At six-month completion period, mentor and mentee complete final evaluation.
  • Satisfaction measurements are maintained and anonymously posted on the website.