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We care about our members’ spiritual well-being in times of social distancing, so we’re hosting Mardi Apéro Virtuel (in English) and Non-judgmental Français (in French) via Zoom on alternating Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.

Oct 27th at 1:30 pm – Special Event

Panel Discussion: Reflections on the American Dream Today – The View from France

This panel will feature Dr. Lauric Henneton and Dr. Guillaume Marche, French scholars of the United States, and will be moderated by journalist Anne-Elisabeth Moutet. We’ll learn how the French are interpreting signals coming from the United States that provide insight into the health of the American Dream, including how we might measure and analyze wellbeing/discontent across the country and its roots in policy and politics. We’ll listen as they consider how drastically these factors have changed in recent years, especially under Presidents Obama and Trump.

Oct 27th at 6:00 pm | Non-judgmental Français is an opportunity to practice your (possibly fractured) French at all levels around various topics.

Le sujet cette semaine est L’ONU, suite à ses 75 ans, et les autres organisations internationales, comment elles ont changé nos vies?   

Récemment, nous avons parlé de l’écologie et les gestes individuels pour sauver la planète, la mer, des loisirs, de la mode, du vocabulaire autour du vin et de notre poésie préférée. Le groupe a aussi abordé des sujets comme: Comment rendre notre société plus inclusive, moins raciste? On a raconté notre dé-confinement et ses défis, la période d’histoire préférée, les habitudes personnelles, les vacances, des expressions et l’argot. Vous trouverez ici la liste des faux-amis et les femmes françaises préférées.

Mathieu Legendre is a French member of the Paris American Club and sits on its board. Living in New York since 2016, Mathieu, a former lawyer and political activist, is now spending his time between writing books about French history and teaching French to American francophiles.

“The French conversation hour was great. Made me realize that I need to speak French more (as in more than never). Mathieu you’re a fantastic moderator!” –Terrence M. Bennett, Attorney-at-Law, Bennett & Samios

Meeting ID: 746 830 157

Password required, sent via e-newsletter to members, request it at

Prepare in advance and login five minutes before 6 pm, especially first-time participants:

  • Logging in from a laptop is better, but a phone or tablet work, keep in mind your background, avoid glare;
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Zoom and that your audio (speaker and microphone) and camera are working on both your device and in Zoom;
  • Hit download app when prompted, then enter meeting ID and password, click use computer audio;
  • Format: 10-minute mutual greetings and updates, 15-minute presentation, 10-minute questions and comments;
  • Etiquette: MUTE your Zoom app (bottom left of screen) during the presentation and only un-mute to ask a question or comment, give others the opportunity to speak;
  • Enjoy your favorite apéro and hors d’oeuvres;
  • The Apéro and Non-judgmental Français will end at approximately 6:45.
“Mardi Apéro Virtuel is brilliant. This kind of connection is so important in a time like this. It is not just a distraction, but a human need to see others and hear others. Perfect, of course would be face-to-face, but we should let “perfect” be the enemy of “good”. And, this was very, very good.” –Gene Detroyer, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, European School of Economics, John Hopkins University
“I wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed participating in the PAC Mardi Apéro meetings these last few weeks. So very kind of you to include me among this dynamic, inspiring and caring group of people ~ I’ve learned so many new and interesting things and am grateful for this unique opportunity. Yesterday’s presentation and discussion with Bénédicte de Montlaur was absolutely fantastic.” –Mollie Hinckley
“Amid civil unrest, all that looting, and meanwhile the pandemic, you were still able to hold un apéro virtuel. I believe it was particularly appreciated for just those reasons providing a safe and interesting space. Thank you for inviting me! Francis’s talk was informative and lively as ever. The clip you showed of “La Marseillaise” during “Casablanca” was a highlight for me–bravo! Some of the comments from “regulars” were thought-provoking. I’ll consider joining the Paris-American Club” –Judith Oringer

Upcoming Events

Nov 3rd | US Election Day | Non-judgmental Français, special edition, more info to follow.

Nov 10th | Mardi Apéro Virtuel: Speaker Guillaume Casseau, Flagship Store Manager, Oscar de la Renta, 4 rue de Marignan, Paris

Nov 17th | Non-judgmental Français: Topic TBA

Nov 24th | Mardi Apéro Virtuel: Speaker TBA

Dec 1st | Non-judgmental Français: Topic TBA

Dec 8th | Mardi Apéro Virtuel: Speaker Coco Raynes

Calendar of Live and On-line Meetings 2021 (As of 10/1/20)

Meetings will take place on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of each month unless otherwise specified. Non-judgmental Français and apéros at 6 pm, dinners at 7 pm.


Event Speaker/Topic Venue
Jan 12 Français TBA Zoom
Jan 20, Wed Dinner

Annual Meeting, Honorary Guest M. le Consul Général, Jérémie Robert

Jan 29–31
Swiss Ski Club Vermont
Feb 9 Français TBA Zoom
Feb 16 Dinner Mardi Gras NAC
Mar 9 Français TBA Zoom
Mar 16 Reception New Members 2020/21 Château Village
April 13 Français TBA Zoom
April 20 Fête April in Paris TBA
May 11 Français TBA Zoom
May 18 Dinner TBA NAC
June 6, Sun Brunch Roland Garros Finals Monte’s
June 8 Français TBA Zoom
June 15 Lunch TBA TBA
July 13 Français TBA Zoom
July 14, Wed TBA Bastille Day TBA
Aug 10 Français TBA Zoom
Aug 17 Cocktail Après-work Apéro, Summer en ville Le Baratin
Sept 14 Français TBA Zoom
Sept 19, Sun Lunch Palio & Pétanque Minetta St
Sept 21 Dinner TBA NAC
Oct 12 Français TBA Zoom
Oct 19 Dinner TBA NAC
Nov 9 Français TBA Zoom
Nov 16 Cocktail Soirée d’automne TBA
Dec 14 Fête Holiday Party TBA
Dec 21 Français TBA Zoom

Telescope Film, the definitive resource for finding films and series from around the world, has recently partnered with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US to present French Streams, a weekly selection of the best of French cinema available online. Every week, French Streams rounds up five of the greatest French films, carefully curated around a theme, and Telescope provides different options to watch them online.  Recent selections have featured women directors, animation, and films for Earth Day.